The Westcott Soundstage includes 2,500 square feet of professional production space with a 35-foot wide cyc wall, makeup room, common space, product photography table, and state-of-the-art soundproofing.


Westcott Soundstage Cyc Wall
Westcott Soundstage cyc wall is the 35' long by 20' tall and can be painted for green screen or any custom color per request
Overhead Door Entrance into Soundstage Studio
Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe
Westcott Soundstage Lounge Area
Soundstage Common Area


Lindsay Adler“The soundstage was breathtaking. You walk in and are in awe of the beautiful space and all of its possibilities for creating something spectacular within its walls. It’s a creative’s playground with all the space you need to go big!”

– Lindsay Adler

Joel Grimes“Westcott has hit a home run with their new onsite studio. With a huge sweeping wall, video soundstage, makeup and changing area, I want to move to Toledo and make that my own studio!”

– Joel Grimes

Gem Scofield “When I first walked into Westcott’s new sound stage I was floored. A custom designed, sound-proof stage right in the middle of Maumee, just a stone’s throw from Toledo.”

– Jem Scofield, theC47

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