The Westcott Lighting Company

Involved in manufacturing umbrellas since 1899, Westcott has a long history of designing innovative products and providing top-notch customer service. Fast-forward to the current year and we’re still manufacturing impressive lighting equipment for professional filmmakers and photographers across the globe. The Westcott Soundstage was built with love in 2017. It is located at our world headquarters in Maumee, Ohio, just south of Toledo.


Welcome to the Midwest

Filming in this area has a variety of benefits, including affordability and accessibility to multiple major cities. Historic downtown Toledo is located 10 miles north of the Westcott Soundstage and offers a variety of activities, restaurants, lodging, recreation, and nightlife. Toledo is located only 50 miles south of Detroit, Michigan and only 100 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio on the western point of Lake Erie.

Supporting the Creative Community

We designed this space as a way to elevate our educational productions and support local creatives. This space not only gives image makers a professional facility for productions in the Midwest, but also allows us to host a range of workshops, seminars, and celebrations for the community.

LaurenSoundstage Coordinator
419.243.7311 ext. 201

Dedicated Soundstage Coordinator

From knowledgable and creative educators to passionate customer service representatives, Westcott employs the best of the best to ensure quality in both the products and experiences presented to our clients. Contact our soundstage coordinator, Lauren, by phone or email with any questions you might have. She’ll be happy to help!