The Westcott Soundstage is located at the Westcott World Headquarters in historic Maumee, Ohio. Built in 2017, this unique space hosts a variety of creative events and productions. As Northwest Ohio’s premier studio, this 2,500 square foot facility offers a variety of professional amenities for photo shoots or video productions.

Every Westcott Soundstage rental includes a basic lighting package and complimentary wifi with access to a 35’ cyc wall, hair and makeup room, wardrobe room, common area, and bathrooms.


360-degree panoramic views of the Westcott Soundstage.




The highlight of the Westcott Soundstage is the 35′ long, 20′ tall cyc wall. This white space can be painted for green screen or any custom color per request.

State-of-the-Art Soundproofing

The entire cyc wall and lounge area was constructed with professional soundproofing material, ensuring that your audio is not polluted by outside noise.

Lounge Area

Fitted with comfortable furniture and modern decor, this space is great for use as a second shooting area, as a meeting space, or to simply relax during production.

Overhead Door Entrance

Vehicles, lifts, and other large items can be easily brought into the soundstage through a set of 10′ x by 12′ overhead doors. This is ideal for automotive photography and large green screen productions.

Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe

Our hair and makeup room is the perfect space to prepare talent for your production featuring a large vanity mirror, full-length mirror, counter, clothing racks, and a wardrobe closet with plenty of storage.

Common Area

Enjoy lunch, store snacks and beverages, and relax during production breaks in our convenient kitchenette and break room. A sink, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, counter space, bathrooms, and seating are located here.